Owl by Marian Sava, Little Belgian Granite, Sculpture
Owl by Marian Sava, Little Belgian Granite, Sculpture
Owl by Marian Sava, Little Belgian Granite, Sculpture

Owl by Marian Sava, Little Belgian Granite, Sculpture

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12"H x 12"L x 12"W

As the symbol of wisdom and knowledge, the OWL impresses us by its appearance and behavior.

I got the idea to represent this sculpture through a pure and elegant geometric element – a sphere in which I carved out two deep eyes and I worked delicately to emboss its beak, thinking that these two parts of the body are those that attract the attention.In my imagination, the shape of the sphere represents the long, gloomy hooting of the OWL, to which we listen in the night, with fear.  “Nocturnal hooting... symbol of wisdom"

SAVA's work is unique because he immortalizes in his sculptures the invisible waves of the universe, naming the result VIBRATIONS in 3D. SAVA tames our emotions and questions our consciousness by the refined strength of its sculptures in marble, bronze and wood.

Often, when the sculpture itself asks the artist to give it life, he instills it by adding an inner light, which becomes a fourth dimension.

Graduate of the ROYAL ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS in Brussels, Academic Knight of the International Academy GRECI MARINO of Italy, Member of the CERCLE ROYAL GAULOIS of Belgium.

The art critics and journalists have highlighted the presence of SAVA in the world of art thus:

"The art of SAVA is an art of intellectual concentration, concept, mathematical conciseness and sobriety." (L. Scantéyé Paris)

"SAVA makes the stone sing ..." (Colette Bertot, Brussels)

"The work of SAVA reveals the subtle contrast between cold, raw and rigid matter, and purified, sensual, aerial and delicate forms." (A. Matonti, Toulouse)

Displayed in numerous prestigious exhibitions and public places. Created also monumental sculptures in Belgium, France, Greece, Lebanon, Turkey.

Received awards and honors in France, Luxembourg, Romania and United Kingdom.

Published in Encyclopedias of Art in: Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Romania, UK, USA.

SAVA works with Belgian black marble, unique in the world for its pure black color, reflecting like a mirror when polished, a rare elegance.

Possessing a sculpture in Belgian black marble created by SAVA is a unique experience and a privilege.