Kimberly Altman

They say that every black cloud has a silver lining. COVID is the blackest cloud in history, but for me, it came with a silver lining - being locked down for a year gave me a unique opportunity to develop flow art into a path to inner peace and transformation of the spirit. Flow art is freedom. 

I’ve always been an artist. My mother inspired me to draw, paint, and above all to create beauty. I’ve lived my life celebrating the creative process using the traditional artist’s tools of canvas, oil, acrylic, and watercolor paints. 

For decades I was drawn to photo-realistic paintings. I loved creating beautiful images by composing minute details into lifelike representations of what I saw and felt about my subjects.

Along the way, I discovered that photorealism had become too confining. I needed to break free to do more imaginative, more emotional work.  When I discovered the freedom and dynamism of acrylic pour and alcohol ink, I knew I had found the perfect tools to express beauty for life as we live it in the 21st century.

I love how these techniques give me access to movement. It’s almost as if they are alive. Each piece is unique. They remind me that every moment in time is worth contemplating and that the flow of life continues to flow, and flow, and then flow some more. 

I invite you to experience one of my flowing art pieces. Look into it. Notice what you notice. Feel what you feel. My hope and belief is that you will find your reflection in it.

In spite of the black cloud of COVID, I was invited to be the guest artist in Sedona, AZ’s The Village Gallery for the month of April 2021, where I sold 10 paintings and most of the home décor items I displayed, I recently exhibited a jury-selected painting in The heART of Orange County All Media 2021 Juried Exhibition at Chemer’s Gallery in Tustin, CA, which sold on 8/5/21 (the exhibition ran from July 24 – August 7, 2021) and I currently exhibit my paintings and home décor items at Ryan’s Art for the Soul Unique Gifts in Laguna Beach, CA.  Clearly, black clouds do come with silver linings - which is an inspiration for my next painting!

Instagram: @kimaltmanart

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