Yeslin (left) working with a few of her many students. 

(Photo: LagunaART.com gallery is giving a check to the Laguna ART Museum for the children's arts programs.)

(photo: Children's arts programs by *Young Arts* in the gallery for July and August 2022)
WHAT WE STAND FOR The LagunaART•com gallery was founded in 2014,  with a vision of helping artists with exposure and find a wider reach and audience using todays technology, with an iPhone app and a popular instagram page and physical gallery exhibitions. We have had a new artist reception every month since it's inception.

COVID Prior to 2020 we were located in Laguna Beach for 3 years next to the Laguna Art Museum with 20 artist studios and a contemporary gallery up until Covid in April of 2020. All of 2020 the foundation and gallery was virtual on Lagunaart.com.

VIRTUAL The way people are shopping for fine art has changed only in the last 10 years. Instagram and social media has driven traffic to our very popular website. It also helps that our LAGUNAART.COM URL is heavily searched as Laguna Beach is a major arts destination in Southern California.

ARTIST JURY PROCESS Artists wanting to work with our gallery can become members after being juried into our group.

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