Robert Pereira Hind

Robert Pereira Hind’s mixed media series ‘Out of Eden’ is minimal and striking. These works are perfect in any setting being luxurious and beautifully decorative by printing photographic ink pigment onto gilded backgrounds on wood. Once the print is dry each piece is coated in shellac and then glazed.

An important element of the work is that each piece, over the many years will slowly oxidise and mature in appearance. While the pictures sit on your wall, the golden background will eventually take on a light and very beautiful tarnish and eventually become atmospheric and characterful looking like nature against a moody sky. Each piece will bring colour and light to any environment, ambient light reflects from the works to exude a warm look and feel.

‘I am both responding to the beauty of nature and questioning the nature of beauty. As someone who does not adhere to any kind of religious practice but regularly feels a sense of awe within the natural landscape, it seems fitting to transform natures trees and flowers into secular icons’.

Robert Pereira Hind lives in Edinburgh, and is always on the lookout for trees and wild flowers that are both visually striking and isolated. I’ll wait for a day with light cloud and head out with my camera. When I get back at my computer I remove all trace of context, and then experiment with various compositions and layouts to montage several trees or flowers into one image, or sometimes leave the tree isolated.

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