My art is an expression of presence and connectivity. Having moved from Chicago to Hawaii in 2014, I developed a profound appreciation for nature, which became a significant inspiration for my work. It was my love for surfing that led me to embark on my self-taught journey of painting in 2019. However, a few months later, I experienced a traumatic surf accident that kept me out of the water. Paradoxically, this absence heightened my ability to translate my emotions onto canvas.

The intuitive movement and colors I employ in my heavy texture art are not merely intended to be admired; rather, they serve as a means to help you forge a connection with your own emotions and navigate the obstacles you encounter in life. Similar to a wave, we need both the gentle swells and the tempestuous storms to become fully aware of our wholeness. With my EnergyPortrait series, I serve as a guide, offering a transformative tool for introspection. Combining over 15 years of experience in energy work with art, every brushstroke I make is infused with the intention to capture the very essence of your soul, resulting in an artwork that evolves alongside you through time.

IG: @islandawakening

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