Cecilia is a Southern California based artist living with her family in Temecula, CA, and is known for her emotional paintings that depict life and landscapes. She has been known to use art as her outlet for her emotions, struggling with her constant inner turmoil brought on by some of lifes unfortunate events. Cecilia pulls the viewer into her everyday life through her art to encourage the viewer to feel the joy, sorrow, fear or peace as she pours her soul onto her canvas. As a lifelong artist, Cecilia uses techniques from multiple disciplines to create her unique style of puposeful brushstrokes, whispy color blends and sometimes a little chaos. While 2024 has been an exploration of Acrylic paint on canvas, the artists training was focused on pastels and oil. Exploring different mediums is a very important part to Cecilia's constant growth as an artist and she looks forward to the years to come.

IG: @ceciliaseasel

Website:  ceciliaseasel.com

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