"I've explored art in various ways from childhood art classes to pursuing it as my major in college, my journey with art has been both structured and fluid. While my academic path shifted, my passion for art remained constant.

Painting serves as a profound outlet for me, allowing me to express myself in diverse forms. Whether I have a plan in mind or let my intuition guide me, each piece begins on a blank or repurposed canvas for my emotions, resulting in creations that feel uniquely genuine. Mentally, painting has always been a sanctuary, a means to articulate my feelings.

My creative process embraces spontaneity. I work across multiple mediums, including acrylic, oil & soft pastels, charcoal, crayons, and acrylic inks to name a few. The use of texture often plays a role in many of my paintings. This versatility liberates me from constraints, allowing me to explore without boundaries or rules. In the realm of creating, there's no right or wrong, only the freedom to create authentically."

Instagram: @art.bylaurie

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