I am a classically trained artist –  with a BA in Studio Art from Queens College University and an MFA from the New York Academy of Art (NYAA). The NYAA was founded in 1982. One of the founders was Andy Warhol. The curriculum was based on the original French Academy, which put an emphasis on human anatomy. Upon Andy Warhol’s death, his estate created a scholarship program for this school and I was one of the first recipients of this Andy Warhol Scholarship in 1988. The school was accredited in 1989 and I was in the very first graduating class in 1990. Since graduating I have worked as a mural painter for Modeworks, a mural company in downtown Manhattan. I have also worked at the Guggenheim Museum and have taught painting and drawing at the Indiana University John Herron School of Art and Design and Mt. San Jacinto College in Southern California. I paint and draw people, landscapes and still lives. My art is an accurate representation of what I see, with emphasis on color and composition. I like to find the beauty in simple, everyday situations and put them on canvas. My goal is to present these ordinary images in an interesting way, using composition, color and drawing so that the finished product somehow transcends the literal meaning.

Instagram: @jeff_pavone_art

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