Al’s approach to creating art is ever changing and experimental by process. He has been a Laguna Beach resident for over 20 years and is active in the local arts community. Al works in multiple mediums including oils, acrylics, watercolor, mixed media, and resin. The patterns in nature and the unique textures they form have always fascinated him. The use of varied natural materials integrated with contemporary painting has resulted in distinctive mixed media pieces. His photography has been a great tool for capturing the intricate designs in nature revealing a world beyond the naked eye.

The use of reflective materials such as embedded metals, gold leaf, and resins contrasted with materials that absorb light form a juxtaposed depiction for a fresh view of a subject. Taking the familiar and showing it through his worldview drives him. Along with being an award-winning painter, illustrator, and designer he has created a number of public art pieces for the city of Laguna Beach. 

After attending Chapman University he spent years exploring Europe and Africa. Travel continues to have a major influence on his art. Most recently experiencing Japanese culture in particular. This has led to a passion for succulent gardening and propagating and observing nature’s ever changing beauty and life cycles.

IG: @esquerrastudio

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