FAQs Museum.io

How are the NFTs made? 
NFTs are minted on Ethereum and listed through the OpenSea marketplace, the most popular platform for ETH based NFTs. 

What kind of artwork can I submit?
All artworks of any kind will be considered.

I have many images that I want to mint?
Minting with Museumio happens through a juried process, please apply to the NFT project by sending 3-images, artist bio, instagram, and website to melina@lagunaart.com

Can I only do an NFT of the painting as a Digital form and keep the original to sell to someone else or do I have to give the option to the NFT buyer and list them both?
NFTs are considered original works of art on their own. They can be sold independently of a physical work of art. Some artists sell physical works as gifts with the NFT. Ultimately, it’s up to the artist's own roadmap.

What types of files or images are you looking for?
Clear, bright, high-resolution images with a minimum of 300 PPI that are less than 100mb
If the artwork is a photograph of a physical painting, the photograph needs to reflect the texture, depth, coloration, and life of the physical work. 

Once an NFT is minted, can I share it on my social media or is that not possible because of the blockchain?
Artists can still share and post their artwork. The NFT tied to a smart contract becomes an original. So, artwork posted on instagram/twitter/facebook will not be considered originals. 
We also will send the OpenSea NFT listing link directly to accepted artists once NFTs are complete and listed to share to their own social media accounts. 

What marketing do you do for NFT?
We feature the artist on OpenSea, Instagram, Twitter, NFT BlackDove Digital Display Monitors inside of affiliate LagunaART.com Gallery at the “Shops of Mission Viejo Mall” on the 2nd floor between Nordstrom and the Apple store, and we also do weekly newsletter blasts to over 150,000 subscribed collectors.  

How do I price my NFTs? Do I price the NFT, or does the gallery price the NFT?
Artists price their own work. All pricings given in USD will be converted to the closest value in ETH. 

Who maintains the copyright/ intellectual property?
Artists always maintain copyright whether an NFT or physical artwork is sold. 

How much does it cost the artist once accepted to the NFT project with Museumio? 
It is a $100 per NFT service cost that covers gas-fees and labor of minting the NFT. 

When the NFT is sold do I need a digital wallet or would you be able to convert to dollars for me?
Payouts happen in the preferred currency of the artist.
I would like to know if LagunaART.com will have a physical exhibition at the gallery for NFTs specifically? How long will the exhibition last for?
LagunaART.com physical gallery will have 3 permanent BlackDove NFT Display Monitors that will rotate accepted NFTs throughout the duration of the NFT consignment with Museumio. 

Are the NFTs listed for sale or is it just only on display for exhibition and not for sale? 
All NFTs will be listed for sale. 
Does Museum.io retain exclusive representation of an Artist?
No, Artists are able to feature other works of art with different galleries. 
Do I legally own the NFT or do we both own it?
You own the original .jpg artwork file. But, once the NFT is minted, it will show on OpenSea as “owned by Museumio” because the artwork will sit inside of our NFT group page.
What does the artist make when an NFT sells? 
We split everything 50/50 as a partnership. 
1st sale: 50/50
2nd sale: 10% royalty – 5% (artist) / 5% (Museumio)
Do you work with artists on both physical work and NFTs? 
Museumio is only focused on minting and listing NFTs on behalf of artists at this time. Sometimes artists will offer physical objects along with the first purchase of NFT. In that case, the physical work will remain in the artist studio and shipping will be paid for by the buyer.
After I apply, when can I expect a notice of acceptance?
Please wait at least 3 -5 business days (M-F) for acceptance e-mails. If an artist is not accepted, they will not receive an e-mail response. 
Museumio receives over 100 applications weekly and spots for applicants fill up fast.