Laguna ART is dedicated to the marketing & promotion of a jury selected group of living artists using today’s marketing technologies.

Our iPhone app and website is a guide for art enthusiasts visiting Laguna Beach with a map of Laguna Beach art galleries including the latest artist receptions happening throughout the city. The artwork of our emerging, mid-career, and established member artists are rotated throughout our site & app along with complete artist profiles.

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What our artists are saying…

“I am very proud to be a member of Laguna ART because I find myself more than an artist. This organization is made up of artists who have been selected by a group of their peers. That alone is reason enough to know each of us have talent that has been recognized and promoted to collectors around the world. It is truly my pleasure to thank all of you in this organization, especially Pam Squires, who saw something in my art that made it possible for me to be part of it. I am proud to look at all the wonderful art every artist in this group has produced. I am not just an artist to fill a number slot. I have been given a wonderful, professional program in which collectors have an opportunity to look at my artwork. This is the place I can paint and show the world. I was recently accepted by a Laguna Beach Art Gallery!”

– Carole J. Sluski