"Velocity" by Julie Crone, Oils on Canvas
"Velocity" by Julie Crone, Oils on Canvas
"Velocity" by Julie Crone, Oils on Canvas

"Velocity" by Julie Crone, Oils on Canvas

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20" X 24"

Oils on Canvas

Original Art Work



Julie Crone

Julie Crone, born and raised in Los Angeles, is best known for her oil paintings on canvas. She also greatly enjoys exploring mixed media. She found her passion for oil painting at the age of six and has been creating art in various mediums ever since. Her works are characterized by numerous layers of color and detail to express her abstract forms.

 Julie is a 2003 graduate of the University of Arizona with a B.A. in Fine Art. She also studied Fine Art in Florence, Italy, and obtained a graduate degree from the renowned FIDM institution based in Los Angeles. Julie previously worked as an art consultant for a well-known, highly regarded commercial design firm in Santa Monica, California. Later, Julie had a successful career as an interior designer for more than a decade in the Los Angeles area. 

Julie’s latest collection is inspired by an appreciation for imperfection. Taking in aspects of the environment around her, the works evoke emotions and memories. 

She is currently working in Newport Beach, California.

Instagram: @juliecronefineart