TW Scott Eye of God

TW Scott Eye of God

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This book is dedieated to magic. and of magic' effect on people from a visual art perspective. Of coutre God created magic. since the creation of the entire Universe. known and unknown. is magic. and God. who has no father to serve, is perpetually running the show. and constantly re-inventing Himself!

My name is Todd Scott who has created an original physical art book titled. "Revolution in Art". or "The Illustrated Alien". The book took over 40 years to do all the artwork, scanning artwork. working with the printer, working with my graphic desianer, making digital improvements to the work, and finally just recently all 200 pages of electronic files have been converted into a beaufiful shysical book that you see before you. This book is a visual extravaganza for your sight to behold and intended to BLOW YOUR MIND!

Thas started my long adventure into the world of geometric and design illustration and color that occupied my time during this period. But I loved to do it, as this was my craft, and I wanted to get it right Please enjoy in the spirit the works for which I bring you, as this has been a labor of love for over 40 years, and to finally be seen in this one volume. Now in that time I had to do what could, in order to survive, thus truly living the life of the starving artist. But now after a lot of hard work that went into this project, maybe it was worth it in the final analysis, and what the end result turned out to be. Please enjoy this book just for the fun of it and may you enjoy it for many years to come!

And lastly, I want to give credit to somatine who helped me out in many ways to complete and finish this book, and who is a computer and photo shop wizard, who helped clean up my work from dirty copies that used originally from the printer and from scanning poor quality works, which he was able to restore to their original condition. Please contact Steve Giblin for any of your future computer works that you have in mind or you want to photo shop and colorize or to restore digitallo, at his website: www.gib!, or email him at:

sgiblin@ I especially want to credit Steve for adding color or color enhantement to pages: 1, 2, 114 to 116, 125 te 128, and throughout (but not all of) pages 138 to 196 including pages 156, 157 and 189 to 192), and to the front cover and back cover of the book.

In many respect tieve and I collaborated on this project, but I was always the creator of all of the artwork. Who, Steve and I would collaborate to add color to something, I was the one who would select that parseular color, aye then he would computer-add that color to the piece. All artwork is original illustration with full copyright. Peace to all! TWS