"The Golden Era" by Akeem Henry, Oil on Canvas
"The Golden Era" by Akeem Henry, Oil on Canvas
"The Golden Era" by Akeem Henry, Oil on Canvas
"The Golden Era" by Akeem Henry, Oil on Canvas
"The Golden Era" by Akeem Henry, Oil on Canvas

"The Golden Era" by Akeem Henry, Oil on Canvas

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48" X 60"

Framed (49" X 62.5")

Oil on Canvas

Original Art Work



Akeem Henry

Jean-Michel Basquiat once said “I don't think about art when I'm working, I try to think about life”. 

Growing up as a young black kid in Louisiana, there were two choices in your life. You could either live your life in the streets or work hard to keep yourself off the streets. I decided to focus on the latter. Ever since I could remember I've always enjoyed painting and sports. My biggest role model in my life has been my father. From an early age, my father instilled values in me such as honestly, hard work and dedication. He would challenge me every day to do and be something great! I used the game of football to help strengthen my work ethic on and off the field. After an injury early on in high-school I had to change course and my love for the arts was the salvation! Only having a few art classes in high school I moved to Dallas and enrolled in Art Institute of Dallas. I would work at Michael's so I could pay for school and have unlimited access to paints and canvas. Even though I won second place for a scholarship, unfortunately I couldn't afford tuition and had to drop out. When Instagram became the norm, I used that platform to showcase my talents as my skills improved. I was contacted by a company which painted custom sneakers in Los Angeles. I've always dreamed of going to LA one day and this was my chance! Leaving behind everything I cherished in Louisiana, I jumped on that flight! As my art career began to take form under the scrutiny of famous clients such as Odell Beckam Jr. and other NFL stars, life seemed to be looking up! Then I got the heartbreaking call one day and my whole world stood still: My father had passed away from a heart attack! Now I was in charge of raising my two younger brothers from 2000 miles away. So, I took another risk and stepped away from painting custom shoes and decided to follow my dreams of painting realistic large images on canvas which would be shown in galleries all over the world. I got my first break in the winter of 2018 when I was invited to Miami's "Art Basel" with Mike Tyson. I sold my very first painting which was also personally autographed by Iron Mike himself. As a father of a beautiful newborn son Zahyir, my responsibilities have grown along with my talent. I've always seen shapes and colors when I painted. Now - when I paint I think about my son, my family, my father…

My Life!

“As an artist I see in shapes and colors and it's my job to blend those worlds together”.

Instagram: @akeemhenry_artmaniac