"Standing Strong" by Joanna Beckett, Oils on Canvas
"Standing Strong" by Joanna Beckett, Oils on Canvas
"Standing Strong" by Joanna Beckett, Oils on Canvas

"Standing Strong" by Joanna Beckett, Oils on Canvas

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48” x 36”

Oils on Canvas

Original Art Work


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Joanna Beckett

Joanna is an International Contemporary Abstract Artist. Born and raised in Poland, she moved to London, UK in her early twenties to study and practice Psychology. At the peak of her career as a Clinical Psychologist, she reconnected and rededicated herself to her deep rooted passion for Art and creativity, that is she sees as her true calling.

Art has always been Joanna’s refuge, a compulsion of the soul disciplined by the mind. She feels that she wouldn’t have become an Artist if she hadn’t worked as a Psychologist first.

Her work is the very product of a fusion of visceral, emotional and cerebral forces. It’s a unique juxtaposition of two worlds, Art and Psychology. She believes that art, just like therapy, touches the soul and creates the landscape for growth and connection. Besides the aesthetic value, her artwork is intended to open a dialog and encourage viewers to pause and reflect.

Joanna has developed her own unique style of painting through years of exploration and experimentation. She works with oil mainly. Her paintings are multilayered, textured and often monochromatic. She is known for both rigorous application of layers and free spirited gestural brushstrokes which produce a sense of presence and potency.

Joanna has been living and working in Los Angeles since 2018.

Artist’s Statement

Art is more than an expression of life. It's the universal language of the soul. It's a prism of everything that is both real and imaginary.