"Private Moments" by Jane Mick, Oil on Textured Canvas
"Private Moments" by Jane Mick, Oil on Textured Canvas
"Private Moments" by Jane Mick, Oil on Textured Canvas

"Private Moments" by Jane Mick, Oil on Textured Canvas

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36" x 24"

Oil on Textured Canvas

Original Artwork


Jane Mick

Jane Mick's ingenious creations bring to life the playfulness of the feminine power. Jane's art is unbound, joyful and in love with life. Each painting is a colorful celebration of stylish women, fine wine and martini glasses. Using mixed media acrylic paint on canvas, Jane Mick tells stories of the celebratory moments in life. These paintings are textured to intrigue and colored to romanticize. She uses iridescent paint, gold leaf, Swarovski Crystals, lace and anything to galvanize the painting's visual experience.

Jane Mick was inspired to draw at an early age. The fashion illustrator Veronica Papworth would debut in the Sunday Express newspaper of London, England, the same place Jane was born. Imitating Papworth’s illustrations would be a guide to Jane’s first breaths as an artist. Jane followed a career of a fashion designer for ten years up until she had a family. From then she joined a sign shop where her artistic abilities came back to canvas and she began to study the plein air painting techniques. Jane Mick’s style and mediums are as her subjects; eclectic with the celebration of what is good in life. Inspired by fashion and driven to paint, this self-taught artist founded her own style that is a mix of modern impressionism and romanticism with added textures to lift these images beyond the canvas and sprinkled with hidden images to lift the story beyond its first impression.

Ever the award collector, Jane Mick has been recognized as an artist worthy of four Best in Show awards, nine 1st Place awards, and reached Master Level Artist status in multiple SoCal Artist associations. Her art has featured in Antelope Valley’s Lifestyle Magazine--making an appearance on the front page--and has been published in the Santa Clarita Signal. Jane Mick has had the honor of being selected by Senator George Runner to display her painting “Nature’s Blush” in the California Contemporary Art Collection at the State Capitol in Sacramento. Recently, Jane was honored as the art director to the newly completed “Art Happens Here” mural outside of the SCAA Art Gallery building in Old Town Newhall, CA. Her art has made an impression on many and has been sold all through California as well as the UK. Jane's art has made an appearance in the Brittany Davis Gallery, Las Laguna Gallery, La Galeria Gitana and the B&R Gallery.Jane’s works have accumulated many accolades, but what she finds the most rewarding is the impression her art has on others.

Jane’s Paintings of Celebration carry the energy of cheerful elegance that her audience finds evident. However, what might not be so evident and takes a second look to uncover, are the hidden images in many of her paintings. What brings her to paint is the reaction people have when they realize something while looking at her paintings. You might see a hidden image that adds to the story. New details can be discovered with every glance. Jane’s goal is to bring people to smile. When someone finds the story, whether in relation to their own life or the one Jane creates, that smile is what completes the painting. It’s the kind of painting that illuminates an entire room.