"Homage to Black Elk I" by Lami Daher,  Mixed Media on Board
"Homage to Black Elk I" by Lami Daher,  Mixed Media on Board
"Homage to Black Elk I" by Lami Daher,  Mixed Media on Board

"Homage to Black Elk I" by Lami Daher, Mixed Media on Board

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19" x 21"

Mixed Media on Board

Original Artwork



Lami Daher

Lami Daher was born in south Lebanon in 1981.
During a tremendous bombing period which would leave wounds for ever in him. After words he will decide to Start traveling all around Mediterranean cultures first, then Europe and the whole world, never stop exploring. Observing the human beings let the artist think about behaviors and ways of living. As he found the art itself as medium to express and comunicate the feelings he produced thousand of even enormous art pieces in paint, acrylics, mixed medium, oil colors,
goauche plus hundreds of watercolors and many many drawings with pen or pencils. Abstractism is the category of the current followed by the artist; the main subject of Daher’s art is a lively cosmic world populated by visionary creatures which are about to have a dialogue with humans. Inspired by ancient rituals and myths, Lami presents a new interpretation of God.

Lami Daher wants to bring to voice anger and greed which are oppressing society, by high powers, through sensitive and contemporary ideas of images in order to move emotions of everyone. The artist lives most of the time into wild places surrounded totally by nature, so he understood and told finally we will be saved by Mother Nature which will bring confort to the entire humanity by giving inspirations from colors, smells, shapes and harmony.

Lami Daher is deeply in love with Italy, Rome, the Palestine, Greece etc. so the classical culture of living honourosly surrounded by holiness and beauty; through art he went across all contents - from ecology to philosophy, political issues and geographical knowledge. Appreciate his gesture, energetic and scratchy, he brings visions and scenes of everyday life using maximum saturation of all hues. Daher’s style is much loved also in digital contents, on motions or graphic visuals, these are so easy for him to come to composition. Exhibited in main European museums with congratulations from collectors, gifted with excellent carrier and awards, selected in permanent exhibitions all around the globe, wildly recognized and mentioned.

He brought his art in Florence, Rome, Paris, New York; Lami Daher still works in Italy, Rome and Milan bringing to life a beautiful project for promoting art culture selecting gorgeous art students from academy to street background. The latest slogan sounds like: the Art for not dying.