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"Divinity " by Martial Yapo
"Divinity " by Martial Yapo
"Divinity " by Martial Yapo

"Divinity " by Martial Yapo

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20" X 51"

Original Art Work


Martial Yapo

Martial Yapo is an Artist/Designer with a Masters in Architecture focused on painting since a young age. He tells stories through his artwork, about his vision of the world, and digs into his personal spirituality, his roots and traditions. His technique is a mix of street art, tribal ethnic expression, graffiti and African contemporary art. 

Martial's creations are a fine line between who Martial is and what he represents: a French-born African descent urban artist with a 360 degree vision of the world. The colorful shapes, the mixed media, acrylic, spray paint, and oil make his style unique and complex with many layers.

Instagram: @yapomartial