We pride ourselves on providing excellent support. Please review our frequently asked questions first to see if your question is already addressed. If you continue to have issues or have a question of any kind, please send us an email or call 1-888-9-FINEART for immediate assistance.

Q) Is LagunaART.com a juried website? A) Yes, we have a panel of artists, gallerists and curators selecting the artists to be featured on LagunaART.com.

Q) I'm an artist, I want to apply to LagunaART.com, how do I do this? A) In order to be presented to the jury, Please submit 3-5 Images along with your bio and artist statement to: support@lagunaart.com

Q) I'm an artist, How long does it take to get an answer back after I have submitted my art work? A) 5-7 Business Days

Q) I'm a collector, and interested in an artists work to purchase, can I see more of the artists work? A) Yes, simply call us at 1-888-9-FINEART or email support@lagunaart.com and we can show you more works by the artist.

Q) I'm an artist, When I sell a painting with LagunaART.com, who pays for the shipping. A) The collector pays the shipping and the artist is reimbursed for the shipping charges.

Q: I'm an artist, What is the submission process for LagunaART? A: Please send 3-5 of your best images to support@lagunaart.com plus one paragraph bio. We will choose your 3 best works to represent online. 

Q: I'm an artist, What is the cost for being represented by NewYorkART.com? A: There is a monthly membership of $49/mo. and a one time set-up fee of $99

Q: Does the artist reserve the rights to their art to make Giclees from the original sold on the sight? A: Yes the artist retains 100% control over the image they create

Q: If the artist is represented by LagunaART.com are they exclusive to Laguna ART.com? A: No

Q: Once represented by LagunaART.com where do I store my chosen artwork? A: You will keep the artwork in your possession until there has been an online purchase. We will notify you and the artwork can be shipped.

Q: What type of pictures can I send of my artwork to LagunaART.com? A: Artwork images must be high resolution. and if you can take more then one photo such as a side view, signature, rear of the painting. The more images you have the more likely you are to sell your works. Collectors like to see more then one image of a painting.

Q: How do I submit my artwork? A: Send 3-5 images plus one paragraph bio and artist statement to support@lagunaart.com.

Q: How long does my artwork stay on LagunaART.com? A: Until you cancel or we cancel you from non-interest by collectors.

Q: If I choose to renew my contract is there an additional startup fee cost? A: No thethe one time setup fee is waived.

Q: What happens after the 6 or 12 month contract? A: As long as our relationship is in good standing we renew your contract for no additional fee.


Each artist is exclusively selected by a Jury panel. The Jury consists of a gallery owner, an art director and a fine art sales consultant. Over 4000 artist submissions have been received and less then 10% of submissions have been accepted into the group.

How long does the Jury Process take?
The jury process takes between 2 – 5 business days to complete.

What does it mean if I haven’t heard anything back from the Jury Process?
Please be sure that your website address you entered for your submission works properly and is easy to navigate. Make sure all of your contact information was entered in your submission correctly. If an artist has not heard anything back within this time period (2 – 5 days) then call us or drop us an email.  If you are denied, artists may try again for the jury process every three months. 


No Need to log in. We take care of everything for you and we have web developers on staff waiting to get your images onto the site.


Profile pictures are never displayed larger than 100 x 100 pixels so it’s best to send an image that is not too much larger than that.

This is important: artwork images should be at least larger than 300 x 300 pixels. Artwork images are never displayed larger than 900 pixels wide. While our system will automatically resize images larger than this, it does help if you can reduce the file size ahead of time to ensure proper upload and also viewing by the public.

Your images MUST be smaller than 1MB in order to upload, however, in reality they should be much smaller than this for web viewing. If you follow the below specs, your images will have the optimal file size to quality ratio for the web.


File Type: .jpg
Resolution: 72 ppi
Min Pixel Dimensions: 300 x 300
Max Pixel Dimensions: 900 x 900
Quality: 80 or less
Tip: Use ‘save for web’ option in Photoshop


We have web delopers on staff to take care of all of this for you. We are at your service for marking your art work.

STILL NEED HELP? Send us an email support@LagunaART.com