" Dance" by Lucia Sapucahy, Acrylic on Canvas
" Dance" by Lucia Sapucahy, Acrylic on Canvas
" Dance" by Lucia Sapucahy, Acrylic on Canvas
" Dance" by Lucia Sapucahy, Acrylic on Canvas

" Dance" by Lucia Sapucahy, Acrylic on Canvas

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19.7" x 15.7" 

Acrylic on Canvas

Original Art Work



Instagram: @sapucahylucia

Marcel - https://marcel.pt/lucia_sapucahy/ (virtual art gallery)

Artsy - https://artsy.net/artwork/luciasapucahy (virtual art gallery)

Inn Gallery - São Paulo, SP https://www.inngallery.com.br/LuciaSapucahy (physical gallery)

Lucia Sapucahy - Biography 

Lucia Sapucahy was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1964 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). Always linked to the arts, from an early age she became interested in dance and visual arts. In dance she had training in ballet and jazz and in arts she followed her own perceptions combined with the academic knowledge she received from several teachers. The passion for colored pencils and markers made drawing his first passion. At the age of ten she painted her first canvas, and her abstract drawings appeared at eleven.

However, she dedicated most of her adult life to other careers: teaching elementary school and teaching English. Postgraduate in Literature, she intensely lives her love for English, which she speaks fluently and learned as a child. Since her retirement, she has turned to the fine arts. Her predominant style is abstract and she uses acrylic as a medium in her paintings. Bright colors, spatulas, use of texture or textured paint are some of its characteristics. The presence of yellow is constant in her paintings-it is a tribute to the sun that always shines in the city where she now resides, Brasília, and to her hometown, Rio de Janeiro.

Currently, she expresses her art not only through acrylic canvases, but also through her walks through the interaction of photography and painting with digital tracing, an adventure that makes her experience countless flights and produce several series of works, such as the “Reconstruction” series ”, The background of which are photographs taken during the renovation of her home. The construction materials present and even part of the demolition are included in these works.

She was influenced by artists such as: Van Gogh, Tarsila do Amaral, Cícero Dias, Willem de Kooning and Jackson Pollock. The artist has already exhibited in Brazil and abroad. Below are a some of her art shows. 

V Mostra Amigos na Arte 2019 - Studio Art MD’Azevedo Gallery - Brasília, DF Curated by Amarts
Contemporary Languages ​​- Art LA3 - São Paulo, SP - Curated by Juliana Mônaco
Art - Fragments of Singularity - Inn Gallery - São Paulo, SP - Curated by Carmen Elizabeth Pousada
Lateinamerikanisches - Kunstfestival - Vienna, Austria - Curatorship:Ângela Oliveira
Confraternization Exhibition 2019 - Galeria Studio MD’Azevedo - Curatorship - Amarts
ART MORE - Anjos Art Gallery - Porto, Portugal - Curatorship:Ângela Oliveira
Porto Poético Project - Eurostars Heroísmo - Porto, Portugal - Curatorship:Ângela Oliveira
Contemporary Expressions - Days Are art Gallery & IN Port - Porto, Portugal - Curator: Ângela Oliveira
Colors of Spring - Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal - Curatorship:Ângela Oliveira
VI Junifest 2020 Casa Brasil Liechtenstein - Thema: Vielfältigkeit / Diversity - Vaduz, Liechtenstein Curator:Ângela Oliveira
Art in the 21st Century - Women in Action - Inn Gallery - Curated by Carmen E. Pousada
Novos Tempos - 2nd Online Collective Exhibition - Studio Art MD’Azevedo / Arts Center - Curatorship: Amarts
Connected Colors - NC Virtual Gallery - Curatorship:Ângela Oliveira