"Wushin" by Cade Gallal, Oil on Canvas
"Wushin" by Cade Gallal, Oil on Canvas
"Wushin" by Cade Gallal, Oil on Canvas

"Wushin" by Cade Gallal, Oil on Canvas

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48" x 48"

Oil on Canvas

Original Art Work



Cade Gallal

Cade Gallal, local artist out of San Clemente, CA, composes abstract expressionist renderings of free associative emotion and experience to memorialize an unrepeatable moment.

Cade’s passion for language, rhetoric, philosophy, and psychology merge into the mediums of paint and canvas through an unmediated primordial energy. Each rendering expresses a unique internal experience made tangible by the inaudible expression of his inner voice through the limitless expression of paint. Emerging through the pigmentation comes a record of complex and combined psychic states bearing witness to the multidimensional nature of the unconscious. 

Cade’s inspiration comes from his active life as a surfer, graduate student in psychology and theology, environmental awareness, and a mindfulness that converge into his contemporary art form. His interests further include several therapeutic modalities including art as therapy. 

“I express my mind using a brush instead of my tongue, and you seize my meaning hearing my words with your eyes.”

Website: cadegallal.art