"Tides”  by Celeste Wrona,  Ink and Acrylic on Paper
"Tides”  by Celeste Wrona,  Ink and Acrylic on Paper
"Tides”  by Celeste Wrona,  Ink and Acrylic on Paper
"Tides”  by Celeste Wrona,  Ink and Acrylic on Paper

"Tides” by Celeste Wrona, Ink and Acrylic on Paper

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34" X 24"

Ink and Acrylic on Paper

Original Artwork



Celeste Wrona is an award winning Australian contemporary artist with over a decade of experience making and teaching visual arts. Her vibrant collection celebrates free-flowing form, texture, and colour, resulting in visually stunning pieces that are cementing themselves in today’s contemporary art scene. Celeste's original works and limited edition prints are held in private collections worldwide and have been exhibited nationally and internationally. 

The work of Celeste Wrona is an investigation in fluid painterly abstraction that expresses the feeling of awe we experience when in the vast presence of nature and light. Her subject matter is deeply influenced by the regenerative properties of the natural environment; in which people, meaning and change are both grounded and flourish. Wrona’s process of layering both vivid and subdued colours, flowing mountainous lines, and organic forms, are intentional, intuitive, and reverent. Much like the impressionists and post-impressionists Wrona is deeply inspired by the play of light and explosion of colour within nature, as well as the deeper emotional and spiritual connection we have to the world. “I want the viewer to consider, react, and respond to the artwork, the environment and their internal state simultaneously.” This ongoing internal and external conversation between the viewer and their experiences of awe within her work is the core narrative Wrona is concerned with. She hopes that through the experience of awe the viewer can change their perception of self and focus their attention outward beyond their existing frame of reference. In turn the viewer sees themselves as part of something larger, humbled and more connected to others and their place in the universe.

Celeste's work "Drifiting III" has recently featured on Channel 9's "The Block" in 2018 and her print "Release II" in the 2016 series. Celeste's print "Exhale VIII" also appeared on Channel 7's "House Rules" in 2017, her original artworks on Channel 9's Postcards in 2018 and "Awaken I" as a feature artwork currently on the set of Channel 7's House of Wellness. Celeste and her work have also been featured in a variety of well-known publications, both in print and online including Vogue Living, Inside Out MagazineArt Almanac, The Age and Stellar Magazine with Neale Whitaker listing Celeste's print "Awaken III'as one of his "Objects of Desire".

Celeste was born, in 1983 in Sydney Australia. As a child, she demonstrated a natural artistic ability and her passion and love for art throughout her adolescence lead her to pursue art professionally. Celeste successfully gained entry to the prestigious University of New South Wales, College of Fine Arts (COFA) in 2001. It was here that she further developed and refined her innate artistic skills as well as completed a Bachelor of Art Education degree.

Celeste was recently commissioned by the Ingham Institute of Medical Research in Sydney to create three artworks based on cancer cells as seen under the Merlin Microscope. Celeste was interviewed by Channel 7’s Natalie Barr on the process and concept behind these works. Celeste has explored the influence of science within her artmaking further though her artist residencies in 2017 at Monash University's Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute, Melbourne.