"Through Which Time" by Rick Rotante, Oil on Canvas
"Through Which Time" by Rick Rotante, Oil on Canvas
"Through Which Time" by Rick Rotante, Oil on Canvas

"Through Which Time" by Rick Rotante, Oil on Canvas

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16" X 20"

Oil on Canvas

Original Art Work



My current works are a rebalancing between reality and abstraction which deliberately attempts to combine and enhance two distinct art forms. The viewer is stimulated and coaxed to look at the abstraction while simultaneously looking at the image. They each pull you to the other and you see both independently and differently. In keeping a semblance of a recognizable image I connect with my proclivity and inclinations for images and the viewer is free to imagine a scenario where the painting can live in their reality and vice versa. With the reality interlaced with the abstraction, the viewer can use their own imagination to decipher the work for themselves and create their own understanding. Seeing color, abstraction and imagery in this way, hopefully, relates the work to themselves and their lives.


Rick Rotante

Rick attended the School of Art and Design in New York City. After graduation he worked in Manhattan in several advertising agencies. After two years he became disillusioned with the commercial field. He was ready for a change and decided to moved to Glendale California.

After getting his footing and exhibiting, he was accepted into several galleries in Los Angeles, Pasadena, Montrose and Palos Verdes. Eventually he joined the California Art Club and Oil Painters of America.

During this time he worked for Walt Disney Pictures and Television in Burbank for a span of 17 years. In California he found tutelage with two instructors from the prestigious Pasadena Art Center where he honed his fine art training.The basis of his art is drawing. He also paints in Pastel and Oil paint.

Demonstrating at art clubs and art associations encouraged him to try and teach these three principles. He instructed classes at Glendale Community College and Art Classes of Pasadena.

In 2015 he went to New Mexico where he taught four classes at New Mexico State University before opening Raven Art Studio in downtown Las Cruces. His gallery/ studio was open five years when voted best studio in Las Cruces in 2019.  But The Pandemic necessitated his closing and he  returned to California in 2020 where he works today. He is currently in the Mountain Arts Gallery in Lake Arrowhead, Ca. And will shortly exhibit 'virtually' online with the Laguna Art Gallery in Mission Viejo, Ca.

He has exhibited work in New York City, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Palos Verdes, Montana and New Mexico.

His paintings can be found in two private collections. In Southern California and New Jersey.


Instagram: @rickrotante


Website: rickrotantefineart.com/blog