"The Walk" by Tanya Lee Raycroft, Photograph on Fine Art Paper
"The Walk" by Tanya Lee Raycroft, Photograph on Fine Art Paper

"The Walk" by Tanya Lee Raycroft, Photograph on Fine Art Paper

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16” x 18.5”

Photograph on Fine Art Paper




Tanya Lee Raycroft

Tanya Lee Raycroft is a mixed media artist and author. She has taken extensive art classes throughout her life. Tanya chooses to follow her own original style in painting. Her brush techniques shine through her inspirational ideas which she expresses through color, symbolism, imagery, and depth. Her photography is limitless and does not identify with any single category, but instead, all categories. She has been known specifically to spend four months photographing trees to capture shades of colors, shape and lighting in all forms and then move on to photographing stairs. It is the endless curiosity and wonder that drives her images. Tanya continues to grow as an artist and prefers acrylics, watercolors and occasional materials that would enhance an artistic path on canvas.


Bryant & Stratton Business School - Associate Degree in Business Management/Technology Option.

Monroe Community College – Associate Degree in Liberal Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

State University of New York Brockport College – Bachelor Degree in English Literature/Pre-Law.

Canisius College – Studied International Business for a Master of Science Degree.


December 2022     Moments (Photography)   Thomson Gallery

December 2022     Moments (Photography)   Miami Artweeks

December 2022     Moments (Photography)   Lelie Galerij

January 2023         Walk   (Photography)     Thomson Gallery

January 2023      Castle  (Photography)   CASA DEL ARTE Palma

January 2023      Light  (Photography)   Art Lab

April 2023           Life  (Photography)   Thomson Gallery

April 2023           Empty (Photography)   CASA DEL ARTE Palma

April 2023           Blue  (Photography)   Artbox Expo New York

June 2023           Marble Blue (Photography)    Thomson Gallery

June 2023           7Eleven (Photography)  Finity Gallery

June 2023           Chinese New Year (Photography)   Johnathan Schultz

2023-Current      Journey III (Painting) “Visual Rhythms” 

                              Influx Gallery Notting Hill, London


Artist Closeup Contemporary Art Magazine

May 2023 #6   Walk (Photography)

Artistonish  May 2023 #34

Vines (Photography)

Expometro Art Tunnel Barcelona, Spain June 2023

NFT/Public Art   Causeway Blvd (Photography)


Ohio Arts Council-Ohio Artist Registry (OAR) Tanya Lee Raycroft

Wayne Center for the Arts-Wayne County Artists Registry Tanya Lee Raycroft