"The Reef" by Surf Ghetto, Epoxy Resin on Maple
"The Reef" by Surf Ghetto, Epoxy Resin on Maple
"The Reef" by Surf Ghetto, Epoxy Resin on Maple

"The Reef" by Surf Ghetto, Epoxy Resin on Maple

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24" X 48" 

Epoxy Resin on Maple

Original Art Work



Surf Ghetto

I was bored of everything after being furloughed for weeks and complying with the California stay at home order leaving nowhere to go.  Walking down to one of the many San Clemente beaches daily or sometimes twice daily was the only thing that kept me sane.   There is something so relaxing and mysterious about the ocean no matter what life events are occurring.

After a while of nothing more to do than to stay at home I realized it was time for a new coffee table but everything online was so dull and non-inspirational.  I stumbled upon some resin ocean art and was mesmerized. Why can’t something so amazing belong to me?  That’s where it all began…

Only reason I even know resin exists is because Shane had fixed his broken longboard in front of me with resin like it was no big deal.  After watching countless Youtube videos and reading everything I could about resin I felt confident enough to buy a piece of wood and try it for myself.  Epic fail!!  Not as easy as Shane made it look or all those pros posting videos.  After months of failure and a lot of tips and guidance from Shane the waves started to look more like waves instead of blobs, the colors blended better instead of having hard lines, everything was starting to look more and more like the beautiful ocean that we love to enjoy every day.  We make oceans in a garage right in the middle of the surf ghetto itself.  We talk, we laugh, we make art together.  We make 100% unique resin ocean art so everyone can enjoy the beauty of the beach even at home.  

Jaclyn and Shane aka Jac and Ginger