"The Jungle" by Shaina Lavine, Mixed Media on Canvas
"The Jungle" by Shaina Lavine, Mixed Media on Canvas
"The Jungle" by Shaina Lavine, Mixed Media on Canvas

"The Jungle" by Shaina Lavine, Mixed Media on Canvas

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48" x 36"

Mixed Media on Canvas

Original Art Work


Shaina Lavine

Born and raised in Orange County California I enjoyed my adolescent years on the beach at bonfires with my friends and loving the California weather. I graduated high school in 2014 and took a year off to travel. While traveling I discovered my love for designing candles, dream catchers, and jewelry. At 19 I started my first company, Sea Change, where I successfully got my items into eight different stores around the Southern California area. Soon after I started to design custom jackets for children.

After a year of exploration and a thriving small business I decided to further my education by studying business and fashion. I went to college for almost two years when I was offered a modeling contract in Los Angeles. I then decided to move and start working as a full time model. After a few year in Los Angeles I made the move to New York City where I modeled for a year and that is when I accomplished my dream of walking in New York fashion week.

When the pandemic hit I moved back to California to be close to my family. That period of time helped me rediscover my love for being creative. One day while staying at a friend’s house in Bel-Air drawing my abstract faces on a pair of jeans shorts, my friend noticed and asked me to paint something on canvas for the house. I found that painting on canvas was a wonderful way to alleviate the stresses that the uncertain times was putting on all of us. Canvas after canvas was my therapy. I started my first art project, which I call 1156, and after 90 days, I was able to fill the walls of my friend’s beautiful house. From there I started to make art for more homes, stores and restaurants around California.

Instagram: @shainalavine