“The Eye of Horus 2” Sylvia Schorn, Acrylic on Wood
“The Eye of Horus 2” Sylvia Schorn, Acrylic on Wood

“The Eye of Horus 2” Sylvia Schorn, Acrylic on Wood

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25” x 25”

Acrylic on Wood

Original Art Work


The EYE of HORUS = the ALL SEEING EYE - called surveillance in our time


Sylvia Schorn

Sylvia Schorn, an Austrian multifaceted artist, lives and works in Santa Monica, California. She masters many forms of artistic expressions. Whether it is painting, sculpting, designing or teaching, her favorite themes are as diverse as her works. In her studio she uses all types of materials, wood, metal, gold, sterling silver, precious and semi-precious stones, clay, ...

As a visionary artist she harnesses the power of art as a vehicle to shift her awareness beyond the limited, predictable material world and moves into the quantum field of infinite possibilities.

She discovered her love, passion and “calling” as an artist as a young child. She won her first art prize with the age of 12, by designing the stage backdrop for a fairy tale for the city theater in Austria.

Her creative process mirrors a natural tendency in her being to be a dot connector. Identifying threads of connection between nature, sacred geometry and countless subjects studied by humankind, her artwork transcends boundaries of separation by revealing fundamental pattern of unity. Gathering inspiration from the enrapturing beauty of nature, metaphysics, mystical experiences and ancient civilizations, she illustrates a deeper language not explainable with words.

Her artistic compositions coexist and spontaneously merge with her work in a constant search for deeper expression.
She continues to explore different techniques in painting, sculpting and jewelry design with an enduring commitment to create powerful art inspired by her Quantum journey and also her natural surroundings.

Sylvia has shown her work in group and solo exhibitions in the US and Europe and she teaches creative expression to adults and our youngest community.

During her career she also taught workshops at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

She is presently working on a book with the title “Quantum journey paintings” advocating a deep connection with the subconscious and its wisdom.

Celebrity collectors: Meg Ryan, David Conrad