"Storm" by Darrel McPherson, Oil on Linen
"Storm" by Darrel McPherson, Oil on Linen
"Storm" by Darrel McPherson, Oil on Linen

"Storm" by Darrel McPherson, Oil on Linen

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20"H x 60"W

Contemporary Gold Gilded Frame 25.5"H x 66"W

Original Art Work

Oil on Linen



Darrel McPherson

My goal is to translate ones surrounding into art with the reward is in the form of lucid depth and rich in texture found in the western skies.  The form of the work is to capture a sense and place in time, a time of nostalgic remembrance.

A Southern California painter Darrel promotes modern Impressionism with a hint of nostalgia.

“I feel the artist must engage in spirit as much as technique in order to produce a higher art.  This spirit is all around us in nature and visible for those wishing to see. “

McPherson’s use of color has evolved

McPherson has painted over a thousand works from 1963 to the present.   Originally, the artist’s background lent more towards abstract and symbolist paintings.  

His background developed at Indiana University and his work transformed in Memphis Tennessee.  At an exhibit of Impressionist art he viewed a small painting by Pissarro, “When I saw for the first time the power of a small painting in capturing the feeling of an afternoon in the countryside so long ago I realized the spirit of a work communicates through the image making it more than a decoration.”

Instagram: @mcphersondarrel