“Speak No Evil” by Scotti Taylor, Mixed Media on Canvas
“Speak No Evil” by Scotti Taylor, Mixed Media on Canvas
“Speak No Evil” by Scotti Taylor, Mixed Media on Canvas

“Speak No Evil” by Scotti Taylor, Mixed Media on Canvas

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24" X 36"

Mixed Media on Canvas

Original Artwork


Description:  At first glance this appears to be a simple scene of taking in the wonders of nature, smelling a patch of flowers. As the swirls of her hair become inseparably tangled with the stems of the flowers this simple moment is reenvisioned. The flowers become a mask, a gag, stifling her voice in the name of femininity. Veiled beneath the weight of expectation, hierarchies, and gender roles, is a voice yearning to be heard.


Scotti Taylor

Scotti Taylor is an Oceanside, California-based painter who reconceives the balance of beauty and pain in compelling portraits that showcase the power of women. Coalescing figuration and abstraction, the colorful works of art invite individuals to contemplate the tragedy and perseverance that often goes overlooked but inevitably makes each of us stronger and more exquisite. 

Throughout Taylor’s life, art has remained a constant outlet and passion. Starting from a young age studying closely with public school art teachers, then studying Studio Art at the University of Texas at Austin, she finally immersed herself in the field of Graphic Design with The Art Institute of San Diego. She channeled her skills into careers that allowed her to explore the intersections of her creativity, including her time as the Art Director for the Scripps Institution of Oceanography where she specialized in Scientific Illustration and won National Awards for the monthly member’s magazine she designed for the Birch Aquarium at Scripps. After nearly two decades of dedicating herself to her family, she has returned to the studio. Painter, creative, and advocate, Taylor’s artistic practice shares her story as a survivor of trauma and substance abuse, role as a wife and mother, devoted caregiver to her adult disabled daughter, and as a woman navigating the physical and social inaccessibilities of today’s society in a way that evokes empathy and compassion. 

An active member of the growing art community of San Diego, Taylor has been the recipient of the San Diego Museum of Us’s juried art prize and exhibited with organizations such as Ashton Gallery and the Contemporary Fine Arts Gallery (La Jolla) with more to come as she grows her practice and shares her empowering message.