Solitude au Vin by Jean Calcagno
Solitude au Vin by Jean Calcagno

Solitude au Vin by Jean Calcagno

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300g - 20 X 20 cm

Part of the collection "Pain au Chocolat" sennelier watercolor on arches paper cold press.

Jean Calcagno is a Visual artist born in Venezuela, to an Italian mother and a Portuguese father, moved to Portugal at the sweet age of 10, growing up in a multicultural environment have made of him someone with an open mind, outgoing personality and natural curiosity, which has always led him to work in different materials, different supports, even different visual arts and designs.

In 2013, he successfully achieved an Arts and Multimedia Degree at the Instituto Superior de Educação in Viseu, Portugal, with one of his many polemic projects, Roubsfur, featuring the role culture is currently playing in our daily lives and how it could slowly kill us by not allowing us of being who we really are. Always looking for ways to take his art further, achieved a PostGrad Degree in Illustration in 2018 with his project Hire Body, whereby the figurines portrayed a perceived disconnection between body and mind, resulting in disfigurations of the body and soul.

In 2007 he created his own company, called 7th, because it offers seven different services in visual arts and design, and he still plays an active role in these projects.

Since 2005, he keeps supporting MAC (Movimento Artistico de Coimbra) artistic movements, mainly creating works of an existentialist and socio-political essence. He has also exhibited on numerous occasions solo, in different continents even, and it is described by art connoisseurs and fellow artists as being a highly expressive artist.

He strives to develop new figures of representation, in a style he calls neo-naif and which consists in portraying the intuitive mind process, through distortions and new ways of illustrating, achieved in a very fluid and genuine way, but most importantly, founded upon a strong and continuous education on the classic style, meaning in this style, rules are broken and rewritten under an intelligent way of understanding.