"Rooted and Planted In Love" by Ing Weaver, Acrylic on Canvas
"Rooted and Planted In Love" by Ing Weaver, Acrylic on Canvas
"Rooted and Planted In Love" by Ing Weaver, Acrylic on Canvas

"Rooted and Planted In Love" by Ing Weaver, Acrylic on Canvas

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48" x 30" x 3"

Acrylic on Canvas 

Original Artwork


Description: It's a huge part of my identity for all my life and for which, I have become infamous and etched into the way I see myself. At first, it brought me embarrassment. I was a physical target before I could understand the power and attention and the responsibility I had to be virtuous with it. Magnifying even before I speak.

Provocation of lust and jealousy.
So polarizing that I stand in judgement, overshadowed by it before you even get to know the love that is planted and blooming my heart.


Ing Weaver

Ing Weaver is a native of Detroit, MI. After training as an Interior Designer in Washington State, she found solace in painting and photography.

From the Great Lakes to the Puget Sound, to the solitude of California’s Mojave Desert, her abstracts are influenced by the oceans, landscapes and sunrises.

Her favorite tool is the pallet knife which produces texturally vibrant acrylic paintings and mixed media artworks. 

Her art raises the pulse communicating with color theory, and markings reminiscent of hieroglyphics. She defines lines with musical movement and architectural structure.

Pairing these pieces of her heart with refreshingly honest musings of current events, she pontificates on the artwork through the lenses of joy, justice and healing.

“Abstract art allows your mind freedom and permission to see what you want minus all absolutes, drawing without an eraser.

My abstractions invite discovery and the flexibility to play with its orientation.”


It is impactful to see ourselves represented in print, in the media and political arenas.

How do we see ourselves in abstract art? It is a feeling of connection that goes deep into the psyche of the soul, mind and spirit where thought isn't influenced by figurative images.

I want to leave the world a legacy of my intentional search for joy in dealing with real life experiences through abstraction, to provoke emotion, and to activate connections.

Abstracting allows me to think outside of the societal box. I can be lucid and fluid, sharp and rigid, dark and light. My expressions burst with color, and texture. Abstraction lets you lean in so deeply that it touches your heart.