“Rhapsody” By Olga Chajmova, Acrylic and Varnish on Canvas
“Rhapsody” By Olga Chajmova, Acrylic and Varnish on Canvas
“Rhapsody” By Olga Chajmova, Acrylic and Varnish on Canvas

“Rhapsody” By Olga Chajmova, Acrylic and Varnish on Canvas

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27" x 19"

Original Artwork 

Acrylic and Varnish on Canvas

Olga Chajmova Holcova was born in the Czech Republic in 1992. She grew up in Russia where she lived for her first 9 years before moving to Bosnia and Herzegovina. After spending her early teenage years in the post war-torn country, she settled back in the Czech Republic at 16. She then studied social services for the remainder of her public schooling. After a couple of years at university, during which time she worked as a translater, as well as working in HR in a Czech company, she is now on maternity leave with a plan to continue painting full-time. 

Her mother, who is a landscape painter taught her the basic of techniqne and she wants to continue with this tradition in her own way. 

She struggled with finding her own cultural identity after being influenced by so many cultural backrounds. She does not want to be limited by just one country or cultural history. 

Her intuitive technique makes her continuously experimental. Although she often uses the same materials, her topics and themes continue to evolve.

First thing people notice about her art is that it doesn’t repeat its subject matter.

She has experimented to make her own style with diferent materials. But mostly focus on textured and resin paintings. She uses mediums like: acrylis, resin, spray, modeling paste, glass, crystal & stone.

She wants some of her art to enhance the value of interior spaces to invoke emotions of joy and well-being. Other pieces might be seen as more provocative or threatering though and some are representations of her emotional state at the time of execution. Her creative proces is influenced by particular music as well as her family. Her subjects are inspired by the ephemereal moods she finds herself in at the time. Surroundng herself with the beauty she creates is central to her motivation for continuting her craft.