"Rainbow Layer" by Tony Meehleis, Ink
"Rainbow Layer" by Tony Meehleis, Ink
"Rainbow Layer" by Tony Meehleis, Ink

"Rainbow Layer" by Tony Meehleis, Ink

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25" x 29"

Original Art Work



Tony Meehleis

As a lifelong learner and experimenter in many mediums in art and photography,  I am combining all of my experiences and creativity “Perception Art”.  I use a variety of holographic films, mirrored and reflective surfaces and combine the use of paints, inks, glitter, dichroic glass and distorted reflective surfaces to create art that changes by angle of view and degree of light. I highly suggest viewing my art by slowly rocking back and forth and looking very close to observe the details, layers, and how your view changes as you move. 

My photography developed from the unusual materials that I use in my art work.  I love taking photos of my art work in close up detailed shots and through a kaleidoscope or distorted reflective surfaces.  This has created some amazing photo shots that can be geometric and extremely colorful and sometimes surreal! 

My goal of my current work is to create unique artwork combining the use of inks and paints used on unusual sub surfaces that create reflections and color changes as you move. I like to make people say “WOW, how does he do that?” I also try and twist reality at least a little to create some amazing eye candy art and which is intriguing to your mind. 

Instagram: @holographicspirit