"Earth Meets the Sky" By Sabine Kay, Oil on Canvas
"Earth Meets the Sky" By Sabine Kay, Oil on Canvas
"Earth Meets the Sky" By Sabine Kay, Oil on Canvas

"Earth Meets the Sky" By Sabine Kay, Oil on Canvas

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39" x 31"

Original Artwork 

Oil on Canvas 


Sabine Kay

I love to create art, and with my contemporary abstract oil paintings, I hope to reach the hearts of the spectators and make them happy. 

Born in Hamburg, Germany, I’m now living in Luxemburg for more than twenty years. I always loved paintings as well as to paint. I’m mostly a self-taught artist. Only after some life-changing events in 2017 and 2018, that I decided to take my art more professional and make a career out of it. In the beginning I worked realistically, but over the years I learned that in abstract art I can better express myself and today more or less all my works are abstract paintings. These abstract landscapes reflect my love for colour and nature. And that’s also where I get my inspiration from.  While painting I’m building the oil colours in several layers with a colour palette ranging from soft and serene to vibrant and invigorating. I love to experiment with colours, so that my artwork becomes extraordinary. Colours are important for me, because they can show the full range of human emotions and experiences.

My expressive technique is based on my wish to achieve balance and to reach beauty in the contrasting forces that exist everywhere. The creative process during a painting is an interplay between accuracy and intuitive impulses, like my thin splashes of paint with the spatula, which give every work its characteristic touch. 

All my paintings are my inspiration translated to the canvas to create a communication with the viewer.                                                                                                                                               My aim is coming to a stage where I inspire the people looking at my pictures to consider more carefully the world around them and to discover the beauty in nature and everywhere around us. I think everything is possible in art, and that is why abstract painting in particular provides space for the viewer and the painter to bring their imagination and thoughts into it. 

IG: @sabine.kay3