"Pegasus" by Anna P. Sutton, Oil on Canvas
"Pegasus" by Anna P. Sutton, Oil on Canvas
"Pegasus" by Anna P. Sutton, Oil on Canvas

"Pegasus" by Anna P. Sutton, Oil on Canvas

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96" X 96"

Oil on Canvas 

Original Art Work



Anna P. Sutton

Anna P. Sutton is a freelance artist born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Anna’s Father, a successful general contractor, mother an accountant for her father’s business, as entrepreneurs her parents set permanent milestones for her future. Anna’s went on mastering all jazz instruments, was nominated twice for most inspirational while beingdrum major and attending AP classes in high school. On her spare time in between seasonal sports, Anna enjoyed playing the flute in her church choirDespite being placed in remedial classes, Anna challenged herself inbecoming resilient against her depression. 

Since the late 90’s Anna’s mother suggested going on to study in becoming a teacherShe studied music, psychology, child development, and art at several Universities. Anna worked at the Ontario- Montclair school district for eight years before she realized she could paint.  Due to a work injury working with special needs, Anna decided to use her pain as a form of an outlet to transform her pain into “paintings”.  Anna experienced expression when she discovered music at an early age. Expression through art became her passion with all mediums. A prodigy in her own right completing and selling paintings, drawings, sculptures and mastering the beauty of Sabari. 

 Instagram: @maps.la