"Opposites Attract #6" by Jane Zeiger, Mixed Media on Canvas
"Opposites Attract #6" by Jane Zeiger, Mixed Media on Canvas
"Opposites Attract #6" by Jane Zeiger, Mixed Media on Canvas

"Opposites Attract #6" by Jane Zeiger, Mixed Media on Canvas

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36" x 29.5"

Mixed Media on Canvas

Original Artwork 


Jane Zeiger

Statement of Art:

     My body of work encompasses color, shapes, and imagery that is evident or that can be represented from events or emotions that cannot otherwise be expressed, except through art. The earliest completed drawing that I can recall is that of a horse; at the young age of five, my venture into drawing, and then into painting, was ignited. My earliest painting was of a geisha: the paints were dark blues, crimsons, and deep greens. These colors still can be found in my adult works, with of course additional variation of colors like yellows and reds. Color can be a window to the soul- my soul is full of color.

     A tremendous influence on my style of work, from that very early age, is the “Children’s Highlights” magazine. My dad always kept the latest edition in his waiting room for his young patients. When he brought the previous editions home, I would devour them, cover to cover. One page became an influence on my imagination, and in my artistic pursuits. It was the “hidden images” page, where the viewer had to study and find the hidden images amongst the many shapes and subject matter. Much of my artwork has images within images. Further study is sometimes required of the viewer, for the “hidden imagery” to reveal itself, or for the theme to be shown.

In my artwork, I strive to reflect life: dark vs. light, grand vs. insignificant, excitement vs. calm. As mentioned previously, often a subject appears unintended, but can be seen in the finished work. My intention is to have the viewer find pause to pursue something of interest, or perhaps enjoy a delightful visual surprise. My purpose in art is to cause a viewer to react by using their own imagination. By seeing my imagery in color, shape, or form, one’s own hidden imagery can be revealed.