“Noviembre En Taos” by Monic Reyes, Mixed Media On Canvas
“Noviembre En Taos” by Monic Reyes, Mixed Media On Canvas
“Noviembre En Taos” by Monic Reyes, Mixed Media On Canvas

“Noviembre En Taos” by Monic Reyes, Mixed Media On Canvas

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48" x 36"

Mixed Media On Canvas

Original Art Work



Monic Reyes
Fine Art Abstraction Artist

Monic Reyes is a self-taught fine art, abstraction artist born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. Monic would spend her time drawing, sewing clothing for her dolls, and creating school art projects from a young age. She loved anything where she could share her self-expression and creativity. She holds an intensive background in fashion as she has co-designed alongside her mother for several years for their fashion design company Malen Reyes Couture.

She discovered and explored her creativity through time, which led her to have many other interests like photography, interior design, and art. It wasn't until 2015, in search of paintings for her mother's home, that Monic picked up a paintbrush, and at that moment, she knew that she found her true passion. Monic believes her talent and eye for creativity owed to her mother, who always encouraged and inspired her to create.

Artist Statement:

My goal is to transfer every feeling, thought, or idea in every painting, giving real meaning to my work. I create modern fine art abstraction paintings. My primary medium is acrylic on canvas. I love the visual thickness of textures, and I use different mediums, such as gels and modeling paste, that allow me to step outside and explore my creativity. I enjoy combining color schemes and sometimes use vibrant or neutral colors. As an artist, I have many different styles I want to express, and I do not limit myself to learn and evolve through my work as my desire is to keep exploring with an open mind. My key objective is to make people feel a connection or relate an emotion, then create an idea of what my art means to them, and whatever that may be, I feel accomplished.

Instagram: @monicreyes_arte