"Nephophilia Number 5" by Mauricio Gallardo, Acrylic on Canvas
"Nephophilia Number 5" by Mauricio Gallardo, Acrylic on Canvas
"Nephophilia Number 5" by Mauricio Gallardo, Acrylic on Canvas

"Nephophilia Number 5" by Mauricio Gallardo, Acrylic on Canvas

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20" X 24"

Acrylic on Canvas

Original Artwork

Framed (white floating frame)


Mexico City (1989)

The vocation of Mauricio Gallardo has always been that of an Art Producer. Pianist from an early age, (he has been playing this instrument for 25 years) began to take an interest in painting, this being his main career, and finally in recent years he moved towards cinematography and scriptwriting. 

He is a graduate of the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving, La Esmeralda, the highest house of studies in art in Mexico, belonging to the National Institute of Fine Arts. And during his childhood he studied music at an early age (4 years), at the School of Mexican Music.

His exhibitions have traveled through countries such as Canada and Germany. And in the last two years he has worked as Cultural Manager, Curator and General Director of Project, in Gallery 66-5. Where he has made around 20 exhibitions for national and international artists. He has had 2 individual exhibitions, the first one in 2015, called "Thief of his own house", as well as "The Gratitude of Diogenes" that was presented in December 2017. 

Currently working as a producer of audiovisual marketing and advertising specialized in cultural projects, with skills in digital marketing, design of advertising campaigns, management of networks, brand identity building, web design, has produced about 50 advertising videos as over 3 years, for Gallery 66-5. All these manufactured from scratch, that is to say that it has been completely in charge of the Pre-production, Production and Post-production, as well as script, plot and music. He has also written and published his first book "La Mafia de la Basura" (2017), a book of stories, some of them autobiographical with a narrative style that falls into the experimental and irrational, and currently has two pending books pending publication, the first is called "Isla de Nieve", his first short novel, and "The theory of discovery", theoretical text about contemporary art.

 In recent months, he has begun to work in teaching Arts at the Center for Research and Innovation in Higher Education for Professions and Talent AC, both in Music and Visual Arts, teaching theoretical / practical courses. The following themes have been exhibited: History of North American Art, Contemporary Art Theory, History of Marginal Art, History of Mexican Art. Drawing and painting (processes and techniques), and finally Theory and Musical improvisation. Finally it should be noted that Mauricio Gallardo is an artist who works at all times in a multidisciplinary way, so it would be difficult to condition his work to a single dissemination strategy or to a single discipline, both in his artistic work and in his work as a professional, the form of work is always the following, work with few elements, keep the initial simplicity, find clear ideas for the viewer, reduce equipment costs and increase the costs of script, argument and speech.