“2020 On Fire" Hernan Benedetti, Acrylic on Canvas
“2020 On Fire" Hernan Benedetti, Acrylic on Canvas
“2020 On Fire" Hernan Benedetti, Acrylic on Canvas

“2020 On Fire" Hernan Benedetti, Acrylic on Canvas

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39.4" X 39.4" X 1" 

Original Artwork 

Acrylic on Canvas (Spray Painting and Giesso)



Hernán Benedetti

Hernán Benedetti (AcHe), born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, graduated as a scientist with a pharmacist degree, enters in the art world where he rapidly finds a way to escape from the daily structured and ruled world of science. Over the time, the artist leaves the brush as his main painting element and choses to work with different objects, spatula, sponge, and even using his fingers, letting the stroke and the gesture release.

AcHe strips off from the representation and from the external references of the space to find shelter in the intimacy of his deepest feelings and sensations, embracing the shape of a simple spot or texture as the foundation of his artistic expression. 

Through his artwork, he isolated and introspectively he focuses in an inner personal pursuit. Without limits but deciding at every single step of the way, finally finds the precious freedom while defines his existence.

Every single material used and chose in his artwork, whatever would be, oil, acrylic, spray painting, giesso, paste, fabrics, threads or wood, will define the result. Limitless, while at the same time contained by the dimensions of the surface to be painted, his work definitively awakes the senses. 

It is not about to explain any concept, there is not an order to go through his artwork, there are no rules. It’s all about to free the viewer and make it dive into the sensations and feelings that the colors and textures of AcHe’s work provoke, forcing the viewer to find his own identity there.

Jean Paul Sartre once quoted that man is condemned to be free, because in that freedom he must chose and decide, make it him absolute responsible of himself.

Instagram: @arteconache