“Mas Adentro” By Judit Escayola, Mixed Media on Canvas
“Mas Adentro” By Judit Escayola, Mixed Media on Canvas
“Mas Adentro” By Judit Escayola, Mixed Media on Canvas

“Mas Adentro” By Judit Escayola, Mixed Media on Canvas

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40" x 32"

Original Artwork 

Mixed Media on Canvas 


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Website: WWW.elgorrion.es


Judit Escayola

Artist born in Barcelona, a triplet from the nineties. She learned and understood her passion for abstract art in Switzerland, where she had the privilege of growing artistically under the tutelage of a Swiss artist.
Her works have been exhibited in Solothurn, Switzerland, and New York, USA, as well as in several online galleries, including the well-known American gallery Saatchi Art. Her view goes beyond artistic expression to describe a world very different from reality.

"There, surrounded by great references such as Giacometti, Klimt, Nikki de Saint Phale, Vasili Kandisnky and Jean Tingaly, she develops her "naturalistic" format. By using tea, coffee and natural pigments as painting material".
- Blanesaldia

-2016-2019 Coordinator and teacher in international art volunteering "Interkullturele schriftbilder". Solothurn, Switzerland.
- Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. Catalonia, Spain.


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  • August 2015. Kreativwerkstatt von Gabriella Affolter,Weissensteinstrasse 81 (Ehemaliges Roamergebäude) 4500 Solothurn, Switzerland.

  • August 2016. Pfadiheim St. Urs, Martinsfluhweg 109, 4532 Felfbrunnen. St. Niklaus, Solothurn. Switzerland. www.schrift-bilder.ch

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  • April 2018- February 2019.Exhibition of own paintings in «Armonia». Carrer de València 240, 08018. Barcelona, Spain.

  • July 6 2018. «The abstract + figurative show». Gallery104New York. 373 Broadway, NY 10013, UU.EE. https://mailchi.mp/gallery104/july2018

  • August 2018. Idea and Realization of «Interkulturelle schriftbilder» at Löiegruebe Galerie. Löwengasse 10. 4500 Solothurn, Switzerland. Www.loiegruebe.ch

  • Published artwork at REVISTART magazinne. 15 february 2019. Url: www.revistart.es

  • April, 2019. Jury at Children art fair contest for "Sant Jordi". Girona, Spain.

  • 03th May / 06th June JOVES TALENTS ARTISTES. Artist represent 7th Edition of Young Talented Artist. Blanes, Girona. Catalonia, Spain. Url: https://www.blanes.cat/


  • June 23, 2019. Design of Carpet by "Corpus christi". Made by flowers on street. Blanes, Girona. Spain.

  • Published artwork at REVISTART magazinne. October 2019. Url: www.revistart.es

  • September 2020. Online artist at LAGUNAART GALLERY. Los Angeles, CA.

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  • October 2020. "La forma del pensament". Solo Exhibition. Casa Saladrigas,

Blanes. Girona, Cataluña. Judit Escayola. Url:


December/January 2021. “COLECTIVA CONTEMPORÁNEA” ABARTIUM Galeria & Studio. Comisariada por: Eva Cunill. La Novíssima -08506 Calldetenes (Barcelona). Www.abartium.com

Online TV videos with elGORRION

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2016. Solothurn, Switzerland. JUMP TV. Interkulturelle Schriftbilder.url:


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