“Marilyn”  By Tony Seker, Acrylic on Canvas
“Marilyn”  By Tony Seker, Acrylic on Canvas

“Marilyn” By Tony Seker, Acrylic on Canvas

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36" x 36"

Original Artwork 

Acrylic on Canvas 

Tony Seker's art is dynamic and bursting with color. His "action" painting style blossomed during his nomadic early teen years. After fleeing the Lebanese Civil War in the 70's, he transitioned from painting with traditional camouflage to bright colors on his plastic model fighter planes in opposition to war itself. As a coping mechanism, and to elevate his spirits, he occupied himself with humor and cinema while also relishing creative endeavors, such as painting and playing pranks. The cultural and artistic influences from that time period, in particular Peter Sellers, Victor Borge and Bruce Lee, manifested in his artistic expression as he channeled some of their most evocative characteristics. Today, Seker carries forward those early influences, fusing together elements of playfulness and optimism into his art; shining a light on life’s randomness to inspire greater understanding and compassion for all people. Seker is very active on the art scene with multiple exhibits each year and is the recipient of numerous juried awards. He resides near New York City and previously lived in Paris, London and Beirut.