"Luristan Winged Horse" by Pantea Mahrou, Mixed Media on Canvas
"Luristan Winged Horse" by Pantea Mahrou, Mixed Media on Canvas
"Luristan Winged Horse" by Pantea Mahrou, Mixed Media on Canvas

"Luristan Winged Horse" by Pantea Mahrou, Mixed Media on Canvas

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60" X 60"

Mixed Media on Canvas

Original Art Work



Pantea Mahrou

I believe that our biggest concerns in today’s busy world is trying to make ourselves feel good and at peace, in a world where information is shared more rapidly than our emotions can handle and our lives move faster than a speeding train, it is good to take a step back and appreciate the beauty of life. We each try to find our unique way of achieving this, and to distract ourselves from our daily concerns. I have tried to create an atmosphere in my art allowing the audience to forget about the world if only for a moment and to get lost within my work.

I particularly enjoy practicing yoga and skiing and playing the piano as a past time to try and center myself and accomplish a sense of Zen which I try to carry into work

I began my professional career 10 years ago delving into architecture and began expanding my career by leading position in my family’s construction company lending my architectural skills to the company, and have since taught architectural courses at the acclaimed Azad university of Tehran, from a very young age I fell in-love with ancient architecture, specifically during the Archimedean era and it Has since inspired me to further study its rich history as I was adamant to untangle its mysteries and secrets.

My body of work is a compilation of these studies synched with my day to day life, I use spiritual symbols that were extremely sacred to the ancient eastern culture, I merge these symbols with my love of architecture and my day to day experiences providing an atmosphere that both shows the rich history of the middle eastern culture seen from the unique perspective of my modern life.

To further elaborate on my process, each symbol or item that is used in my work is deep rooted in ancient symbolism, I am trying to introduce the world to the middle eastern culture and bring its rich and positive energy to new audiences. I pay very careful attention to the colors that I use, I portray colors that have profound historical meaning, and were previously used by ancient architects, my favorite color to use is blue as It provides the audience with a sense of calm and peace.

I have a very high appreciation for Sculpture making and was under the tutelage of one of the most renowned teachers in the world, Mr. Parvis Tanavoli. I have always tried to be very innovative with my work and enjoy blending different styles in order to create something new and unique, this has allowed me to experiment with many different techniques and styles as well as helping me, create my own unique signature by using Bronze in my sculptures and paintings.

In conclusion I have had the honor of showcasing my art in many national and international galleries from countries all around the world, including Germany, Hungary And France allowing me to bring my Art to diverse variety of Audiences and providing me with an international list of clients.

Instagram: @pantea.mahrou.art