"Luminous Nite" by Mira M. White, Mixed M. Media on Canvas
"Luminous Nite" by Mira M. White, Mixed M. Media on Canvas
"Luminous Nite" by Mira M. White, Mixed M. Media on Canvas

"Luminous Nite" by Mira M. White, Mixed M. Media on Canvas

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30” X 22”

Mixed Media on Canvas (Paper, Matted)


Original Art Work



Mira M. White

I keep asking myself “Why do I paint”?

I think that I dream in paint. I am often asked about my images- my content. I find the creative process to be a great mystery. If I can pin anything down about my process, it is that I begin by making marks, pouring color, anything that permits me to make an entrance into an evolving journey.While I work I often form narratives in my mind that may eventually tell the story of the piece, much like a novelist creates characters or a composer clusters notes. It is an integral part of my process. And titles are poetry for me. In fact, they also become a summation of the journey I take in the evolution of the piece. I work with images that resonate meaning for me and always view them in relationship to each other. In essence, I tell a story through my images, with or without incorporating text. It is my hope that the viewer responds to the totality of the piece, its visual energy, whether or not one can articulate the “story”.

My works have often employed recognizable content and are represented in ambiguous spaces, watery and atmospheric. My experimentation with images has evolved with an understanding that there is a kind of internal logic linking certain forms with each other, a logic that, perhaps, belongs to the world of archetypes, and definitely forms its own iconography of symbols. Pieces are layered and developed over an extended period. Sequence, chronology and time play a significant role in these works, regardless of the medium. There is often an intentional blurring of boundaries between the physical and the psychical- this is what sustains my interest and what, for me, continuously opens up future possibilities.

It all seems a visual record of my journey toward a deeper understanding of Why Am I Here?

Instagram: @miramwhiteart

Website: miramwhite.com