"L3" by  Effrosyni - Styliani Kolarou, Oils on Canvas
"L3" by  Effrosyni - Styliani Kolarou, Oils on Canvas
"L3" by  Effrosyni - Styliani Kolarou, Oils on Canvas

"L3" by Effrosyni - Styliani Kolarou, Oils on Canvas

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16" X 20"

Oils on Canvas

Original Art Work



Effrosyni -Styliani Kolarou

Byzantine iconography-wall paintings portable icons of macedonian and cretan style decorations of orthodox churches.
 26 years of experience in orthodox churches , wall paintings, maintenance and restoration of icons, with collaboration of Athos mountain father conservators. 
Maintenance and golding of orthodox churches, despotic thrones, repair and maintenance. 
2) Mosaics.
 3) Painting with oils, acrylics.
 4) Paleography-code construction-iconography
. 5) Linear-geometric design in pottery-amphores, ancient period. Etc
6) vitro.


1987 1st technical vocational high school of patras
* construction sector - designers.

* Engineer and architect of the construction sector, technical university (tei) of patras.

* Knowledge of computer programs, word, excel, auto cad.

* Monitoring and learning for 10 years in experienced painters of byzantine wall painting, portable icon, 

* Liondas christos, 

* Massachos spyros, 

* Vagenas giorgos and the following recognition with blessings from the patriarchate of istanbul and from various metropolitan events.

* Attendance of paleography courses


* Painting exhibitions /greece/italy/german/paris.

* Volunteer in the directorate of a body of samarites and rescuers of the greek red cross since 2003 with participation in panhellenic education.

* 2004 mission found missing in autumn.
* 2007/2009 zaxaro, Athens fires.

* Road covering christmas - easter, rio antirio national.
* monitoring of panhellenic international life education.
* service coverage, courses, concerts, events, coverage in patras in a carnival period.

* Volunteer for 2 years in the child's smile in patras and responsible in the painting department. To the cultural association of thera
(santorini) departments - painting, hagiography, mosaic, constructions,
* theater game and organization of exhibitions, events.

Other occupations

Book writing, theater stage construction.