"Into the Blue" by Marie Anne Decamp, Acrylic on Canvas
"Into the Blue" by Marie Anne Decamp, Acrylic on Canvas
"Into the Blue" by Marie Anne Decamp, Acrylic on Canvas

"Into the Blue" by Marie Anne Decamp, Acrylic on Canvas

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45.7" X 32"

Acrylic on Canvas

Original Art Work



Marie Anne Decamp

Marie Anne Decamp, a French painter, belongs to the abstract expressionist movement and expresses herself freely through her contemporary paintings.
Self-taught, born in 1973, she practices her art as a main activity in her workshop in Chambly, Picardy, not far from Paris.

Referenced on the AKOUN website, this artist regularly exhibits her work at local artistic events (L'Isle Adam, Beaumont/Oise, Parmain, St Witz... in Val d'Oise) but also Parisian (Expo4art, Le Marais 4°) and European (Milan, Genoa, Venice in Italy and Alicante, Madrid in Spain). A representation of his work at the international contemporary art fair in Paris, Art3f, thanks to Van Gogh Art Gallery is worth noting.

Inspired by many extended stays abroad, including New Zealand or southern California, which she particularly likes, Marie Anne Decamp sometimes needs to travel to recharge and renew herself in her art.

His painting expresses a universe that mixes authenticity, the interpretation of the binary side of the societal present symbolized by the geometric lyrical aspect of the motifs.

A personal, contextual vision where aesthetics is tinged, moreover, with a spirituality reflecting love and freedom, to which is added the presence of mineral and colorful textures, very visual.

The artist paints with acrylic artist quality, and adds mortars for a raw and refined rendering, see an oil paint finish. She uses spatulas, brushes and knives to paint on quality canvases for a vibrant color rendering.

Represented by the Artifact Gallery in Manhattan, NYC (Artupclose), as well as at Laguna (Beach) Art Gallery, California.

This artist invites you to contemplation, reflection and introspection in the face of her unique works and is also involved in the creation of unusual NFTs presented on the specialized website Opensea, by the Parisian and international gallery, Bruno Massa.

Favorite quote:
"Art, creation, is the manifestation of the divine in man.The search for purity » Yves Saint Laurent
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