“Hudson” By Hanaa Merouane, Acrylic on Canvas
“Hudson” By Hanaa Merouane, Acrylic on Canvas
“Hudson” By Hanaa Merouane, Acrylic on Canvas

“Hudson” By Hanaa Merouane, Acrylic on Canvas

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15" x 31"

Original Artwork 

Acrylic on Canvas 

Anna, precisely Hanaa Merouane is an Algerian born abstract expressionism artist. She first started painting for the first time over 2 decades ago.
Among her long stays in the world, are included regions and countries like South Africa, North Africa, Niger, France and Canada. The tremendous nomad heritage and her busy life like while living in New York City during the early 2000, have made her see life in an unconventional way.
From Gauteng to the center of Paris, that she somewhat calls « home », as it has been a source of inspiration and personal growth… Her eclectic life is always fast paced yet with a slow tempo.

Abstract art came in a very natural way to her and was always underlying… All her paintings are made in a quick way as she follows her intuition and conveys her love for life and passion thoroughly. Her technique includes acrylic on canvas and are authentic emotions that translate in her work.
Abstract art according to her is freedom encompassing unleashed emotions in a fast paced life. She is a Sorbonne graduate that majored in Political Science and is now a digital communication professional. Her career and life took a new path after deciding to settle once more on her own in Montreal, Canada (from 2013 to 2016). Her decision to live in a new country on her own was in search of some answers from life and to dive deep into soul searching after the brutal loss of her biggest inspiration: her father. 

After taking a step back and distance from her previous life, beautiful things started falling into place … Her paintings are an ongoing result of that fetched soul searching.
Hanaa is a resilient human being, a mother, a wife, a nomad and an idealist. She speaks 3 languages and extols self enhancement.