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"Geometry" by Thomas Roth, Ink Infuse Into Metal
"Geometry" by Thomas Roth, Ink Infuse Into Metal
"Geometry" by Thomas Roth, Ink Infuse Into Metal

"Geometry" by Thomas Roth, Ink Infuse Into Metal

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40" X 60"

Ink Infuse Into Metal

Original Art Work


The images are on Glossy or Satin on Aluminum with a back frame.  The inks are dye-infused onto a specially coated aluminum and sealed with a gemlike UV coating that is both water and scratch resistant. The archival quality is out of this world This is a technological breakthrough and the results are in High Definition!  The vibrancy and dimensionality of the metal prints rivals any photographic product and far exceeds the quality of traditional paper prints when placed behind inherently imperfect glass. Super vibrant colors not possible on regular photo paper. This new technology infuses dyes into specially coated metal sheets. The inks are infused into the metal, not just sprayed on the surface. The result is an eye popping print that not only looks brighter but also provides enhanced archival life.


Thomas Roth was trained at Beckmans College of Art and Design in Stockholm, Sweden; a hotbed of minimal high design. His background is grounded in Minimalist Art and Design. His most recent bold and playful Contemporary Abstractions have become his current signature work. His home and studio is in Fort Myers.

Instagram: @tomrothster