"Freedom" by Norman Clarke, Oil on Canvas
"Freedom" by Norman Clarke, Oil on Canvas
"Freedom" by Norman Clarke, Oil on Canvas

"Freedom" by Norman Clarke, Oil on Canvas

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39" x 48"

Oil on Canvas

Original Artwork


Norman Clarke

I examine the human condition and the “Growing Divisions” series represent the growing divisions that human beings find to divide and separate themselves.

I examine the interconnection that humans have between themselves and their environment. I celebrate how unique and individual our lives are and yet how at the same time, we all share common bond with each other.
I am concerned about the growing separations and divisions that are happening between human beings and the planet at this time.

It is my intention that my work will bring the viewer to question their purpose in this world and how they will contribute to society to benefit the lives of others. I work in the abstract with my mediums being photography, pointing and found object.

I have work in private collections and in the permanent collection of St. Josephs hospital, Burbank. CA.
Here are some of the places that I have exhibited.

2020 “My Hero’s journey” virtual solo art show
2018 Pop Obscure. Group show. Los Angeles. CA
2014 Mods and Rockers. Group show. Los Angeles. CA
2014 The A&I Photo Lab, group photography show, Los Angeles, CA 2013 Society of Elvis’s solo show, Los Angeles, CA
2010 Festival of lights. Group show. Los Angeles. CA
2009 Gallery 825. Group show. Los Angeles, CA
2007 Spring Arts Collective. Curator Debra Martin, Los Angeles, CA 1982 Centaur Gallery. Cranes & rising buildings. London, UK