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"Following the Sun” By Karen Stein, on Wood Panel
"Following the Sun” By Karen Stein, on Wood Panel

"Following the Sun” By Karen Stein, on Wood Panel

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12" x 12"

Original Artwork 

On Wood Panel

My name is Karen Stein.  I am presently living in the Los Angeles area after moving here from the East Coast 25 years ago.
My background is fashion design and manufacturing, as well as having my own Specialty Boutique Stores, all of which I closed three years ago.  Having time on my hands and always being involved in creative activities, I started taking acrylic abstract workshops from many well known artists.  I am self motivated and have a deep attention to detail drawing  upon my design skills using patterns, texture, shapes, vivid colors and line development.  Recently I have been adding hand cut papers to my paintings, as well as fabrics, organic materials etc.
My intention is to tell a story with each finished piece with hopes of showing emotions:  be it quiet, intense or playful.  I believe art awakens you.  Makes you think, question and enjoy. I hope the connections I make with my clients are successful and they are  enjoying them in their homes.