"Eternal" by Cara Grace, Watercolor on Paper
"Eternal" by Cara Grace, Watercolor on Paper
"Eternal" by Cara Grace, Watercolor on Paper

"Eternal" by Cara Grace, Watercolor on Paper

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18" x 24"

Watercolor in Paper

Original Art Work



Cara Grace

Growing up surrounded by the green fields and forests of southern Vermont, Cara developed a great passion for nature, riding her pony through the woods and spending hours immersed in nature. As a child in Vermont, the house was filled with her Grandfather Moulton Lee Adams work, he was a renown Botanical artist based in Jacksonville FL. often called "The Audubon of Tropical Fruits".  His breathtaking portraits of tropical fruit and animals have been a lifelong source of inspiration for Cara.  Although she never met him, as he passed before she was born, he will forever be a symbol of greatness.  Cara's passion for art, nature, and horses has been further nurtured since moving to California as a teenager.  Though mostly self-taught, she studied art throughout her schooling, including classes in Art History, Digital Media, Illustration and Design. She furthered her knowledge while studying at Cumbria Institute of the Arts in England.  She is perpetually working to expand her knowledge, technique, and style.

Cara is a passionate equestrian, a lover of nature, and a creator at heart.  She has ridden since early childhood, starting with a base in classical equitation. She has since worked for and ridden throughout her life, from showing Hunters and Jumpers as a junior to working at a stable abroad. Continuing to ride regularly, she keeps an eye on what’s happening in the equestrian world, to add spark and inspiration to her work.  She is perpetually striving to expand her own knowledge and skill.  A few of her biggest influences are George Stubbs, Sir Alfred Munnings, Leonardo DiVinci, and Milton Menasco. Finding great inspiration in the classics, from the energy of the impressionists, to the way the Masters were able to capture light in their work. She seeks to create images of the horse that capture their strength and beauty.  Working to showcase their amazing partnership with humanity throughout history, bond that has shaped our very psyche.


"My work is a reflection of what I love, a passion for horses, the beauty of nature and our deep connection to nature and the earth.  I am constantly striving to bring beauty and vibrant life to every piece I create.  While I work primarily in oils, I am also comfortable working in many mediums from pencil sketches, to watercolor, to digital.  Producing images of grace and power are personal favorites, however I am passionate about creating unique pieces that invoke emotion for each client."